3 Signs Your Dog Needs Obedience Training

16 January 2017
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While some dogs are fine to be trained by their owners to learn obedience, other dogs need a bit more help. If you are the owner of this kind of dog, you likely try and try to work with them, but they simply don't listen. They may also show some other signs that indicate you are going to need a trained professional to work with both you and your dog to get them to the level of training where they need to be at. This article is going to discuss 3 signs that your dog needs obedience training. 


If your dog shows any signs of aggression, whether it to be towards you, other family members, your friends, other animals, or even towards their food, this is a sign that you need to take them in for obedience training. A professional dog trainer can assess your dog and see exactly what situations and people cause them to be aggressive. Once they have targeted this, they can then tell you how to work with your dog in order to reduce or eliminate this problem.

The trainer will likely work with your dog somewhat on their own at first, and then you will be incorporated into the training. This helps your dog to stop exercising this aggressive behavior not only when you are present, but also when you are not. 


If your dog barks excessively, and you just can't seem to get them to stop, then obedience training is likely going to be a good idea. Often, your dog is likely barking for a reason, whether this be because they are bored, they're scared, or they're communicating. The dog trainer can help you to teach your dog when it is appropriate to bark and when it is not. For example, your dog can be trained to bark when they sense danger or a stranger is approaching, but trained to keep quiet when they hear other dogs barking. 

Leash Pulling

If your dog pulls on their leash whenever you are walking them, this is not only going to be annoying and make walking them quite difficult, but it can also be very dangerous if your dog happens to actually get away from you. Because it is important to walk your dog, they must be trained to walk on a leash properly. A dog trainer will be able to address the behavior surrounding this issue, and then work on correcting it. 

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