3 Tips For Getting Your Dog Ready For First Time Boarding

27 January 2017
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Boarding your dog when you go out of town can be a win-win situation: your dog will get a ton of attention and exercise while you're away, and you can travel lightly without needing to find a way to bring your pup along. Most dogs adapt to boarding situations easily, but the first time can still be a bit anxiety-inducing for both dogs and owners. Here are three ways to make sure your dog is ready for his first time being boarded:

Choose the Right Boarding Facility

Choosing the right boarding facility for your dog can make all the difference in your dog's comfort level as well as your own anxiety. Make sure to tour the facility first to ensure it is clean and safe, and that the staff is friendly and loving toward the dogs.

Features like comfortable beds, private rooms to get good sleep at night, and cameras so you can check on your dog while away, are worth paying a bit extra for. If your dog has separation anxiety or is easily overwhelmed, you may want to find a smaller dog boarding facility where he will get plenty of human attention.

Do a Trial Run Before Your Trip

If you still have some time before your trip, it's a great idea to do a short trial run with your dog at the boarding facility, and in fact some dog boarders require this for new dogs. Schedule a session of doggy daycare while you're at work or even an overnight visit.

Talk to the staff about any concerns you have regarding leaving your dog, check on your dog on camera, and make sure to make the whole experience rewarding and fun by offering plenty of praise and healthy treats when dropping off and picking up your pup. This way, if there are any issues you will have a chance to work them out before you leave for your vacation.

Make Sure Your Dog Has Comforts from Home

It's a good idea to bring your dog's food along with specific feeding instructions to avoid your dog ending up with an upset tummy. Bringing his favorite blanket, a tee shirt that smells like you to sleep with at night, and a few beloved toys will all go a long way toward making your dog feel at ease and safe while boarding.

By following these tips, you will ensure your dog is comfortable and happy while at a dog boarding, like Sally Terroux Dog Training.