How To Make Your German Shepard A Natural Guard Dog

21 February 2018
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A dog gives a family an extra level of safety and security. Every 13 seconds a occurs in the United States. Guard dogs can protect your home, family and alert you of danger. They are not trained to attack, but to alert you of a stranger's presence. Read on to find out how to make your German Shepard a natural guard dog.

Get A Puppy

It is important to not make your dog aggressive or train the animal to attack. Most people want a dog that will protect them when attacked by somebody else. However, you do not have to make the pet aggressive to get this protection. If you train a dog to guard, then you can make the pet a liability to you.

You often hear about owners hitting their dogs during training. Abusive tactics can backfire because an animal is not going to be loyal to someone who treats them bad. If your dog bites someone, then you will be at fault.

For these reasons, you want to get a puppy. If you want a grown dog, then you should get one from companies that train German Shepard protection dogs. It helps to socialize your German Shepard starting at birth. You want the pet to have an understanding of what is normal and what is not. This interaction makes your dog fearless and has the ability to know when there is a real threat.

How To Socialize

You have to take puppies with you to socialize them. Going places allow your pet to interact with other people and animals. It is common for a dog to be fearful and shy in a new environment when not socialized. When the dog is not socialized, the animal will bite or run when confronted with something unusual.

Enroll Your Pet In An Obedience Class

You want to enroll your puppy in obedience class as soon as possible. Your puppy needs to learn thorough basic obedience. If you want your pet to guard your home, then he or she has to be obedient at all times. This training is serious, but it should be fun and enjoyable for you pet.

Pet owners have to take on the role as the leader by asserting control. Control is one of the most important parts of guard training. You must have the ability to control your dog in any situation. For these reasons, it helps to go to a professional, like Command Control Protection Dogs ,to get training.