Why It's Important To Get Your Puppy To Stop Jumping On People Now

14 June 2018
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Having a puppy leap up on its hind legs to "hug" you might seem like a dog owner's dream, but it's not ideal for everyone. While puppies are typically fairly small and adorable, once that dog grows up, this behavior could turn into a problem. For you and your dog's sake, here's why you should break this habit now.

Why They Do It

Dogs - and puppies in particular - are high-energy creatures that love to show affection to their masters. If a dog is happy, it's not uncommon to see it spinning in a circle, leaping, rolling around, and racing back and forth all in a manner of minutes.

Most of these behaviors are charming and no big deal, but dogs also have a tendency to jump up on their owners - or anyone else that they are excited to see - from the time that they're puppies. While it's a joyful behavior, it's not always a good thing.

Why It Should Stop

There are a couple of good reasons why you don't want your puppy to carry this behavior into the future.

One simple reason is that as your puppy grows bigger, having your dog suddenly try to jump on someone may not be the most welcome thing. Many people are frightened of having dogs suddenly lunge or jump on them and avoid dogs as a result. Having your puppy get in the way of your social life someday isn't a good thing.

In addition, many landlords and businesses only allow dogs if those dogs are well-behaved. A dog that jumps on people may be considered too aggressive or excitable, even if it's well-intentioned.

Getting Help

If the idea of your puppy jumping on people in the future now worries you, it's a good time to get help. Doing so now will help to break the habit while your puppy is young and has a malleable personality. As an added bonus, your puppy will be spending time developing good habits with you, like learning to sit, lie down, and stay.

Training your dog at home is one option but for puppies, in particular, it's a good idea to get help from a professional. Dog trainers have hands-on experience with hundreds or even thousands of dogs and have the knowledge they need to handle nearly any pup. You'll learn how to prevent your dog from behaving this way and how to reward their good behaviors.

Dogs and puppies are adorable, but it's understandable that not everyone would want a large dog suddenly jumping on them to say hello. If you want your puppy to be the best-behaved pooch it can be, visit a dog trainer who offers puppy training services.