Raising A Well-Behaved Dog

19 November 2019
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A poorly behaved dog can be an extremely disruptive and damaging force in your home. Luckily, effectively training a dog is often not as difficult as new owners may expect, but it will require a little knowledge and a considerable amount of patience.

Have A Consistent Set Of Expected Behaviors

Being as consistent as possible when it comes to the behaviors that you expect from your dog will be important for establishing a routine that the animal can follow. When owners are inconsistent with the actions that trigger discipline along with the type of discipline that is administered, it can confuse the animal. This can lead to unpredictable behavior, which is something that every dog owner will want to avoid.

Work To Expose The Animal To New Settings

When your dog is exposed to new settings, people, or animals, it can be an extremely exciting experience for the animal. While this may lead to some cute moments, it can also lead to considerable behavioral problems. Pet owners that make it a point to take their animal to new settings where it can be exposed to these stimuli can help the animal to become less excitable in these situations. For those that live in the city or that will regularly take their pet around others, this should be started at a young age so that it will be as effective as possible.

Take Advantage Of Professional Dog Training Services

Professional dog training services can be an effective way of promoting discipline in your animal. Furthermore, these services will often provide invaluable information to the owner so that it will be easier to teach the dog new skills or tricks in the future. While it is most common for these courses to be administered in a group setting, there are private dog training services that will allow you to enjoy access to these services from the comfort and privacy of your home or in another one-on-one setting.

Dog-Proof Your Home

It is a reality that a modern home is likely to be filled with items that could be tempting for your dog. Unfortunately, this can often lead to the animal getting into trouble or putting itself at avoidable risks of injury. While disciplining the animal after it gets into trouble can help to dissuade this behavior in the future, it may be more effective to spend some time dog-proofing the home so that temptations or other sources of trouble are removed before the dog can get to them.

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