Raising A Well-Behaved Dog

19 November 2019
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A poorly behaved dog can be an extremely disruptive and damaging force in your home. Luckily, effectively training a dog is often not as difficult as new owners may expect, but it will require a little knowledge and a considerable amount of patience. Have A Consistent Set Of Expected Behaviors Being as consistent as possible when it comes to the behaviors that you expect from your dog will be important for establishing a routine that the animal can follow. Read More 

What To Look For In Medical Alert Dog Training Services

24 May 2019
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If you or a loved one is considering a medical alert dog, there are several considerations to keep in mind. These considerations deal primarily with the type of dog being used and how the dogs are trained for your specified condition. Here are a few of the key things you should be aware of when you seek out medical alert service dog training services. Proper Dog Choices One of the key points to look for when you are narrowing down what dog training service you want is the type of dogs they train. Read More