Why It’s Important To Get Your Puppy To Stop Jumping On People Now

14 June 2018
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Having a puppy leap up on its hind legs to "hug" you might seem like a dog owner's dream, but it's not ideal for everyone. While puppies are typically fairly small and adorable, once that dog grows up, this behavior could turn into a problem. For you and your dog's sake, here's why you should break this habit now. Why They Do It Dogs - and puppies in particular - are high-energy creatures that love to show affection to their masters. Read More 

How To Make Your German Shepard A Natural Guard Dog

21 February 2018
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A dog gives a family an extra level of safety and security. Every 13 seconds a occurs in the United States. Guard dogs can protect your home, family and alert you of danger. They are not trained to attack, but to alert you of a stranger's presence. Read on to find out how to make your German Shepard a natural guard dog. Get A Puppy It is important to not make your dog aggressive or train the animal to attack. Read More